Proxifier for Mac Version 2.12

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This version is recommended for the users who have upgraded to OS X Yosemite (10.10). It also features some minor fixes and features that can be useful in certain scenarios.


  • OS X Yosemite (10.10) support.

  • NTLM authentication support for HTTPS proxy servers.

  • Optional inversion of DNS Exclusion List.

  • Some minor IPv6 fixes.

  • Improved DNS processing.

  • Hard limits for the certain types of system resources aimed to improve overall stability.

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What's new in Proxifier for Mac Version 2.11

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This update mainly addresses stability and performance problems that have been discovered in some isolated scenarios.


  • Problem with upgrading from version 1 on some systems.

  • High CPU load in some scenarios.

  • Special handling for situation when a program tries to repeat a failed connection at a very high rate.

  • System-wide profile at /Library/Application Support/Proxifier/Profiles/Default.ppx. If the file exists Proxifier loads it on start automatically for all users.

Please send your feedback to support@proxifier.com



Version 2.0


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