Proxifier v4 for Windows

We are proud to present a new major version of Proxifier for Windows, which is the result of significant effort, experience, and research. Version 4 introduces a great number of new features and improvements that will be useful for all current and future users.
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Completely Rewritten Network Engine

The new network engine is based on Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) technology. This is the most up-to-date way to handle traffic on the Windows platform. It provides a number of unique features, including the following:

  • Ability to handle all connections, including Windows Store apps, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and Windows Sharing Folders
  • Improved performance in high-load scenarios
  • Significantly reduced number of conflicts with third-party software (e.g., antivirus software)
Network Interfaces

Proxification Rules can now be bound to network interfaces. This allows Proxifier to work in completely new scenarios when you need to select targets and applications that should be connected over a specific interface (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VPN, etc.).
This effectively allows you to

  • use and manage multiple VPN connections and proxy servers at the same time and
  • prioritize traffic based on the availability of different interfaces.
Traffic Window
Updated User Interface

The Proxifier graphical user interface has been significantly reworked and improved, giving it a new, fresh look and increasing the ease of use. Major updates include the following:

  • All components from icons to controls optimized for high DPI screens
  • Resizable dialogs with adaptive content
  • UI state preserved after program restart
  • New traffic graph
Traffic Window
Multiple Improvements in All Areas

In addition to the major updates listed above, the new version provides many new features and improvements in all areas of the program, including the following:

  • Paths and PIDs in Proxification Rules
  • Kerberos authentication and custom User-Agent header for HTTPS proxy
  • Helper tool for Service Mode configuration
  • An option to pass target hostname instead of IP to proxy
  • No reboot after install/uninstall needed in the vast majority of cases
  • 64-bit build
  • Long paths support
  • Proper processing of connections from pre-bound sockets
  • Multiple reconnect attempts from the same socket supported
  • Improved IPv6 processing
  • Debug log level introduced
  • Connections close gracefully in more cases
  • Proxifier System Tray icon does not disappear
  • Manual Proxification for elevated apps supported
  • Proxifier is more tolerant to Profile file format
  • And much more
Main Window
Trial and Upgrade Notes

You can use Proxifier v4 for 31 days for free. You will need to buy it if you decide to continue using it beyond the trial period.

If you buy Proxifier version 3 on or after July 1, 2020 or have a current maintenance plan, you can upgrade to version 4 free of charge. All other customers can upgrade to version 4 with a 50% discount.